Turbie Twist!

As featured on television.

Extraordinary Hair Towel that you slip over wet/dry hair...then twist, loop and it's there to stay! Turbie Twist's tapered design fits on any head, is 100% cotton and lightweight.

This Hair Towel is attractive, functional and so comfortable you'll never use a bath towel again! One size fits all.

  • The Hair Towel (2-pack)
    The Hair Towel that's specially Designed for Wrapping Wet or Dry Hair.
  • Simply Slip over Hair...then Twist, Loop and it's there to Stay!
  • Turbie Twist's Tapered Design fits on any Head, is 100% Cotton and Lightweight.
  • This Hair Towel is Attractive, Functional and so Comfortable!
  • One Size Fits All.
  • You'll Never Use A Bath Towel Again!

How To Use

  1. Place Turbie Twist on back of head, with elastic loop on top.
  2. Twist hair and Turbie Twist together and place roll on top of head.
  3. Pull tip of roll through the elastic loop. Now Turbie Twist will stay in place.

The extraordinary new hair towel that you slip over wet / dry hair ... then twist, loop and it's there to stay! Turbie Twist's tapered design allows a perfect fit on your head. It's made of 100% cotton yet it's lightweight, not bulky like a bath towel. The unique non-slip twist and loop system stays in place. The Turbie Twist is attractive, functional, and so comfortable that using bath towels to wrap your hair becomes obsolete.

Perfect for after a shower or any time you want to put your hair up, Turbie Twist works better than a towel. Whether your hair is wet or dry, long or short, Turbie will stay in place. It's easy to use, super absorbent and comfortable. Simply place Turbie Twist on back of head with elastic loop on top, twist hair and Turbie together and place the roll on top of your head. Pull the tip of the roll through the elastic and you're done. Sold in sets of two, so one is always handy. 100% velour cotton. Machine wash. Made in the U.S.A.

Item: Turbie Twist
Price: $13.00 each
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