Customer Satisfaction -- GUARANTEED!


Some of the things that our customers are saying about HTS-735II:

"When I first used HTS-735II I had no idea I would be able to save the air conditioner line on my 1985 Buick.  It worked perfect and I saved over $100."

- - W. R. - Dodge City, KS

"The car dealer service manager told me it would cost over $700 to replace the oil pan on my Saab.  I used very little HTS-735II and repaired it without taking it off my car."

- - B. J. - Independence, MO

"I repaired a break in a $600 carburetor."

- - B. M. - Lawton, OK

"I don't know how many rivets I have repaired in my aluminum boat and none of them ever leaked again."

- - O. G. - Salem, MO

"I have an antique car and I can now rebuild my own pot metal.  It can even be re-chromed and they come out looking like new."

- - A. M. -- Kansas City, MO

I repaired a water heater that had started to leak.  If I had not been able to stop the leak it could have caused considerable damage.  I did not have to replace the water heater and there was no damage."

- - S. B. - Oklahoma City

"I fly radio controlled model planes.  The engines that I use cost over $300 each.  Every time I crash one of my planes there is always damage.  I saved an engine with HTS-735II when I repaired a crack in the front of the engine block."

- - H. G. - Oklahoma City

"The wheel holes on my lawnmower were wallered out so bad that I could not use it anymore.  I built up the egg shaped holes and redrilled them.  The mower pushes fine now."

- - L. M. - St. Louis